Pump Station Refurbishments 

Concrete Lined Mild Steel Pipe (CLMS) specials

Pipe Spooling

Plant Installations 

Aluminium & Stainless Hatchers, Covers & Ladders

Pump Station Installations

We can offer a part or complete package supplying and installing all pumps, pipework, valves, ladders, covers and other services including welding, painting and excavation work if required.

CLMS pipe specials can be made to suit any situation. Tee's, Wye's, dogs legs and other specials can be produced either on site or in our workshop. Pipe sizing NB80 through to NB750, can be cut welded and relined to suit any requirements. Protective coatings are applied to suit application.

Custom made pipe spools including Tees, Wye's elbows and lobster backs are manufactured in our workshop to the required welding specifications. Material can be Stainless Steel, Carbon steel or concrete lined mild steel (CLMS) pipe. Protective coatings on pipes (ex Stainless) is applied before delivery. 

Plant Installations include tanks, boilers, machinery, pipe work airlines and all other associated work to have the plant up and running. We make sure customer requirements are met and satisfied. We carry out routine maintenance and service work. We have well-equipped service vehicles to deal with most situations. Our Staff are trained to respond, assess and remedy any plant breakdown or maintenance situation.  

Aluminum Hatches and covers are manufactured to meet council specifications. These are custom made to suit and range from single lid to multi lids in a single frame. Additional features can include lock boxes and removable load beams 

We can offer a complete package (including excavation work, sinking wet wells and valve chambers), through to manufacturing and installation of all pipework and valves, ladders, covers etc. A comprehensive quality management package ensures work is completed to a high standard and within the contract time frame.