Manhole Safety grilles

We design and manufacture a wide range of Manhole Fall Protection Safety grilles that are designed to protect accidental entry into a manhole. 

  • All grilles are manufactured using a patented expand and lock style design that offers fast and simple installation with no modification to the manhole castings.

  • Materials used are Grade 316L Stainless steel and all welds are passivated in an acid bath before final assembly and quality control.

  • Our grilles are load tested to 400kg and carry a certified load certificate.

  • Our separate and specialized manufacturing plant has the ability to produce large numbers of grilles to meet contract requirements.

  • The Impact product range covers a variety of sizes to fit existing manhole frames as well as the latest hinged lids and non rock heavy duty castings.

The grilles have a size range of 445-800mm and have a varied of names that cover that size range.

The Product names are 4YRB, 5BP, 5BR, 5GYR, 5G, 5GB, 6YR, 6GYR, Korum, Korum Catchpan, Maestro, Non-Rock, Non-Rock HCC, Humes 600, Pamrex 600, Pamrex 700, Pamrex 800, Pamtight, Twino, Accio, Hygrade Light Duty (LD), Hygrade Heavy Duty (HD)

Installation Instructions 

1.  Remove manhole lid

2.  Using wire buff, remove loose rust and dirt

3.  Measure clear opening of casting. Select correct size grille

4.  Place grille into casting

5.  Using 24mm spanner tighten nut to expand grille until tight and secure. Ensure load tabs are seated fully down onto casting      (soft hammer may be required)

6.  Attach 2.5mm anti-theft cable to preferred location ie: cast lid or concrete riser

7.  Replace Manhole Lid

NOTE:  Anti-theft cable is optional but recommended to deter theft and ensures grille is reinstalled before closing lid

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