Epoxy Coated Pipe Spools and Mounts
Aerodrome Bridge Watermain Replacement:


Confirmed design and installed 426OD CLMS mains water pipe, including design confirmation and installation of supports and temporary works.


Oropi No2 Reservoir
Customer: Tauranga City Council contract 15/04 
Consultants: Beca

On this project we subcontracted to Fulton Hogan Civil, who were the head contractors; the works involved. We were responsible for the construction of the entire large diameter in-feed and out-feed pipe network, it involved but not limited to design confirmation, site works, welding to code, valve chamber layout.

  • Confirm design and construct CLMS pipe spools 177 OD through to 864 OD

  • Set up and install Valve Chamber components

  • Site weld 800 NB TE Flanges and Bends

  • Construct and install a large 316 SS Vortex Inhibitor

  • Set up Valves ,Bellows etc

  • Contractual obligations

Refurbishment of the plant and emergency repair's to all process equipment. This is the beginning of the water process within TCC utilities. We respond with all our resources when called upon.

Refurbishment of the main outlet chamber Oropi Reservoir 1 & 2 completed in 12 hours

Omokoroa Wastewater Project
Customer: Tauranga City Council & Western Bay Of Plenty Joint Venture Contract 05/1015
Consultants: URS

Omokoroa Waste Water Project involved the installation of a sewer scheme for the entire Omokoroa Peninsula. As an engineering firm, we were involved with the supply and installation of all the metal works on this project; from pump station's to pipe bridges. The crossing of the Wairoa river was regarded as a major success, as the innovated design we used saved the client both time and money with minimum inconvenience to the public.

Impact Engineering subcontracted to Works EDI being the head contractor for this multi-million dollar project.

Our part of the project was as follows:

  • Supply and manufacture of all 316 SS pipe spools for 12 pump stations

  • Installation of Flygt Wet Well pumps (x24) and pipe works from 50NB to 200NB

  • Installation of Valve Chambers and associated pipe spools etc (x12)

  • Installation of inline Flygt pump and bypass pipe work 350 NB

  • Commissioning of same

  • Rectify design and build 32m Pipe Bridge/Pipe and install over rail embankment.

  • Construct and install 180m of 345 OD CLMS pipe and supports under the footpath on the Wairoa Bridge over the Wairoa River.

  • Traffic control

  • Night works

  • Welding to code

  • Paint inspections to contract specifications

  • Contractual obligations

Chapel St Waste Water Final Effluent Pump Station Upgrade
Stage 1B TC 17/08
Customer: Tauranga City Council 
Consultants: MWH

The Chapel Street Stage 1B Upgrade involved 4 Separate portions of Mechanical Engineering work. Some of these portions involved the shutting down of the plant and bypass pumping large volumes of product. This also included constructing temporary pipe spools to the exact standards, to allow the continuity of pump sustainability.

Impact Engineering were to supply and install all works associated with this project including liaison with consultants and Tauranga City Councils senior staff. 
It involved major upgrades to the pump setup of the Reclaimed water line 762mm CLMS. Value $270, 000.

This involved several plant shutdowns and numerous other disciplines involving;

  • Bypass pumping at high volume,

  • Light works with liaison from plant staff,

  • Temporary pipe spooling to enable the FEP to continue running,

  • Erection of platforms and walkways,

  • Construction of a 600NB multiple branched manifold, design and build,

  • Supply and installation of valves from 100NB to 750 NB,

  • Construction of concrete piles,

  • Manufacture and erection of walkways and platforms,

  • Concrete chambers and bases,

  • Supports and Grouting,

  • Installation of a large 700l/s Flygt submersible pump,

  • Welding to code

  • Paint inspection to contract specifications.

  • Contractual obligations